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Kids Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday Party

Kids of all ages will laugh, dance, play interactive games, and sing the night away with our talented and interactive Dj's at your next Kid Birthday Party.

Our team of highly professional yet energetic and funny DJs for kid birthday parties are second to none. We know how to get the kids moving, laughing, playing, and singing. Lets just say, we have been doing this for a very long time!


Kids Birthday Party Games!

Games/Activities Include + More:

  • Limbo
  • Hula Hoop Wars
  • Freeze Dance
  • Simon Says
  • Hot Potato
  • Mummy Wrap
  • Musical Chairs
  • Caterpillar Races
  • Sand Bag Toss
  • Back 2 Back

Kids Birthday Party Songs

Genres Include +More:

  • Kids Bop
  • Kids Friendly Top 40
  • Chicken Dance
  • Hokey Pokey
  • Cotton Eyed Joe
  • Cha Cha Slide
  • Conga Line
  • Monster Mash
  • Peanut Butter Jelly Time
  • Bananas
  • Lets Go Crazy + Many More!

Fun Interactive DJ!


  • Engages the children
  • Plays activity games with the children
  • Helps break the ice

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Frequently Asked Questions - Kid Parties
This is such a popular service for kid birthday parties so we recommend booking your birthday party as soon as you are sure of the date and time of your event.
We will send you a contract which can be electronically signed online via DocuSign. Then we will send you a deposit invoice (50% of total) via email which can be paid online via Credit Card safe and securely through Quickbooks by Intuit.
Please Mr DJ Houston is a Houston based company and provides kids birthday party services to Houston and surrounding counties. Galveston is also included with a small travel fee of $100.
All of our kid birthday party entertainers are between the ages of 18 & 45 are clean cut and know how to put on an awesome performance.
No, just a power outlet nearby and plenty of kids and adults who are ready to have a good time at your kids birthday party!
The DJ booth requires a 8ft x 8ft area then you would of course want to have an area where your guests can dance and play games.
The Monday prior to your event. You can pay the balance upon the DJ's arrival on the date of your event however only "cash" is accepted on date of event.
If an unforeseen event occurs, like bad weather or illness, Please Mr DJ Houston will provide you with our available dates/times we are available to re-schedule your kid birthday party. All deposits are non-refundable so if you cancel you will forfeit your deposit.
As many as you want. We don’t charge extra for any amount of children. Parents can join in on the fun too. The more the merrier. Just remember, we do lots of FUN and INTERACTIVE dances and games. Whether indoors or outdoors, you would need to provide us with ample spacing for everyone to have a BLAST at your kids birthday party!
There’s no set age requirement. We have music and games for kids from 2 to adults. For the interactive games, we do recommend they be at least 3 years old to understand some of the basic rules. For those younger than 3 we do offer sing alongs like the Hokey Pokey, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, etc.
Absolutely! We of course have our own collection of fun, safe, interactive music, games, and activities for your kids birthday party. But if there’s some special game that you know would kick the party up even more, let’s do it. And of course we’ll take song requests; as long as it is approved, clean, and edited.
No, we have all sorts and varieties of music for kids and teens of all ages. We have everything from Radio Disney stuff, TOP 40 favorites, to today's HIP HOP hits. And our games are always active, safe, and fun. These games range from small group games to large team games. We often tweak and change the rules a little to make it fun for all ages. Parents can and have often joined in on all the fun too.
It can be adjusted with a 24 hour advance notice contingent upon availability. Not on the day of the birthday party since our performers are paid to perform from the agreed upon start time till the end time and may have other events to attend immediately following your kids birthday party. In some cases, you can pay to extend your birthday party however that is once again subject to availability of our performers.
Absolutely NOT. Karaoke is fun and we believe it should be included in our service for your kids birthday party. You do have to indicate at booking that you do desire to have Karaoke available at your event.
Yes, as long as you have the songs downloaded in mp3/audio format. We will provide you with a Dropbox invite so you can upload those songs in advance.
We have a list of planned games that involves everyone who wants to join in on the F-U-N. They range from simple pre-school music games (i.e., Freeze Dance) to all-age relay races (i.e., 4- part, team/partner). Most, if not all of the games & activities will involve music with lots of social interaction. And the contests range from "every man for himself...or girl;)" to team/partner groups. And YES, we would love to hear your suggestions on games and activities. We will tailor the activities to whatever it is that you like; whether this involves mixing the music or to the schedule of games planned.
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